Sunday, November 23, 2014

Showing up

I haven't wanted to write here lately. I think mostly because I haven't been too inspired in the art making department. I feel a bit stuck and a bit tired of the things that I'm making. I know it's a cycle. I know it will change at some point. Most of the time when I feel like this I keep showing up at the art table and make anyway. But lately I've been finding that I want to read instead of make art. I got a new book that I'm excited about. It's called The Paper Garden, about a mixed media collage artist named Mary Delaney who lived in the 1700s and didn't really start making art in earnest until she was 72. Maybe this will be the inspiration that I need! I'm still going to make myself show up at the art table now and then but I'm going to try to take the pressure off of myself and allow time for things like reading and watching old seasons of Parenthood (which I love!). Things are shifting and I just need to let it happen. xoxo

a few art journal pages

playing around with collage and embroidery

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  1. Wonderful journal pages ~ great paper-play! I especially love the stitching (and am reminded that I brought my old sewing maching into my studio ... and really need to set it up!).

    Merry creating!