Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beautiful weekend

We are having a warm fall weekend here in Syracuse. High 70s and sunny. It's beautiful. Tyler and I went for a nice walk yesterday and I hope to get out and walk again today. The leaves have really started to show some color this week and that is one of my all time favorite things.

And I put to use some new fall candle holders. I love fall decorations, probably too much.
I played around in the studio a bit too which felt great. I'm hoping to get in there again this morning.

A big breakfast then some studio time. Yes, that will be a lovely morning. And help to keep me relaxed - 5 days until our wedding!!


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Some thoughts

I picked up the latest issue of Where Women Create Business today. Such an inspiring publication. I'm not even half way through and I've read informative and insightful articles by Kelly Rae Roberts,  Holly Becker, Lilla Rogers and others. And it's really making me feel like I need to kick it into high gear and get clear and focused with my blogging and business goals. I am totally unclear and unfocused right now. I just feel like I'm not putting my best self forward here on this blog, like I'm not working enough to develop this space. Same with my Etsy shop. Not that I'm being dishonest about anything, certainly not, just that I'm not digging deep enough. Yes, that's it- I feel like I'm not digging deep enough. BUT, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

Reading Where Women Create Business on the front porch this evening with the sun and a glass of wine!

I started 2014 with a lot of creative energy and drive. I started this blog, created my website, and reopened my Etsy shop. I'm very proud of the work I've done and made, it's been a big year for me. I've sold more pieces art than I ever have before (although it is still a very very modest number of pieces) and I was even published in Somerset Studio! I set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year and I've accomplished a lot of them. I'm proud!

But then spring came and we moved, traveled the country, found a new place to live, got new jobs, and have been planning a wedding all the while. Don't get me wrong, all of the aforementioned things are good things, GREAT things. But I've lost some of my drive to develop my blog and business. I know that the number of transitions we have been experiencing the last 5 months have been many and that it is totally reasonable that my focus and energy have shifted. And, like I said, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I just hope that once we get married (2 weeks from today!) and settle into our jobs (by November maybe?) I can regain some of the ambition to develop my artistic voice and business vision.

Playing around in the studio this morning, trying to get out of wedding mode for at least a little while!

Ahh, it felt good to get that all out! It's yucky to feel like you aren't working hard or digging deep for something that you are passionate about and I'm glad I could express that. I'm glad, too, that I realize that it's ok right now. That life is full and busy and good and that I need to deal with all of this transition and experience it fully. I'll get back on track. I'm very grateful for all of the people I've met through blogging and through the art groups that I am a part of on Facebook. Good people, good support, and so much inspiration and I know they understand what I'm saying. If you are reading, thanks guys! xo

Monday, September 8, 2014


I've been neglecting this blog. Lately I've been super busy but I've made time for other things, so I could've made time for this space too. Well, at least I'm here this morning.

We are still settling into our new apartment. So far so good (expect for a leaky bathroom faucet- but it was fixed by the landlord in no time at all!), it's really a lovely apartment and it feels like a good fit for us. We still have a lot of unpacking to do. Our bedroom is full of bags and hampers of clean clothes that we've yet to put into the dressers and closets. Just yesterday we broke down all of the empty cardboard boxes that had piled up, oh my goodness there were so many! Tonight is trash/recycling night so we'll finally get rid of them completely!

We've been doing A LOT of wedding planning. We're in the home stretch now- only 25 days to go! This past weekend we wrote our vows, picked a reading for the ceremony, secured wedding music, I had a dress fitting, did some crafty projects... It's coming together.
25 days to go!

I have given myself time to make art, which I think is essential for my sanity! It's good to settle into my new studio. I've also joined a coop boutique of women artists, crafters, bakers, and business owners! It's a beautiful place and I feel lucky to be in the company of such talented women! I had my first day of working there last week and it was fun. The people are so nice, the products are beautiful, and it's in a cute little town. I'm very excited for this experience.

This is a picture of some of my larger paintings hanging at the coop boutique! It's so neat to see my stuff on the wall, mixed in with the beautiful work of other women!

I've also been spending a lot of time walking through the neighborhood park. It's the same park I grew up going to. I'm finding that it's a really lovely place to be. There is a small pond that has a neat winding trail around it. I've started walking everyday and I love walking around the pond. There are so many beautiful trees, birds (geese, ducks, even heron!), and friendly walkers/runners/bird watchers. From my house to the park, around the pond, and back to the house is about 2 miles. I hope I can keep up this walking practice. Obviously, it's good for my body but it's also good for my mind and my nerves.

Hopefully, I can start writing here on a regular basis again. It might be hard to get back into a groove before the wedding but I'll try.

Hi to everyone at Creative Every Day!! xo