Monday, August 4, 2014

Crunch Time

Alright, our wedding is two months from yesterday. October 3rd. It's approaching fast and this last week I've been starting to worry about all that we have yet to do to get ready. Not only are we in wedding crunch time but we are also interviewing for jobs and looking for apartments (we may have found one, fingers crossed!) We do have a wedding checklist and we are chipping away at it but I just feel overwhelmed! Anyone have any favorite tips or tricks to reduce pre wedding stress? I couldn't fall asleep last night, which is not like me, so I went into the studio for a couple of hours. I had started working on an idea over the weekend and I took it a few steps further last night. A couple pics:

Just a short post today- need to go over my wedding checklist before apartment stuff this afternoon. My mind is spinning!!


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