Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

It was nice to end a great weekend with an email from Tam over at CardMakingArtists letting me know that my featured artist inteview had been posted! I am grateful that Tam asked me for an interview and so flattered by all of the kind things she had to say about my art. Thanks, Tam! You should check out Tam's site as there are many interesting resources, ideas, and artists featured.

My family joined Tyler and I at camp this weekend for Memorial Day. The house was full of children and it brought me right back to the days when my brothers and I would run wild around here- swimming, taking walks, riding bikes, eating ice cream and popsicles. It was great. I got to have an outdoor art session with some of my nieces that was so much fun.

Tyler and I woke up one morning to a whole pile of folded papers pushed under our bedroom door. My 4 year old niece and 5 year old niece had been busy drawing us pictures to surprise us with when we woke up. SO cute!
I even managed to check a few things off of the wedding checklist, with the help of my dad. I want to use slices of a log as table centerpieces to put candles on. My dad and I found a good size log up by the side of the road and he got out his chainsaw and sliced it up in record time! They are the perfect size, I just hope they don't crack and split too much as they dry. Also, while walking around the lake I collected last year's dead and dried wildflower stems to incorporate into the table flower arrangements (we aren't having too many flowers- trying to cut costs where we can!).

Everyone headed home last night and this morning Tyler and I are trying to get back into a routine of making that we can sustain for the next ten days or so. Before the next stage of our adventure begins! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. xo

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  1. I just saw you're in the copy of Somerset Studio that I just picked up! I was so excited to see someone I 'know'! Can't wait to dig in and have a look. Really exciting! If you don't mind sharing (maybe on the Flying Lessons FB group?) I'd love to know more about how to went about it with your submission, what did you send, did you email first, did you write stuff etc etc!

    1. Oh my gosh Iris I had NO idea that they published my essay! Thanks for letting me know! I wonder if they tried to email me and it got into my junk mail somehow. This is so funny because I subscribe to Somerset Studio but this issue was sent to my old apartment just after I moved out. I've been bummed that I missed it and have been meaning to go to Barnes and Noble to get another copy, now I'll definitely have to do that!! Yes, I will share with the Flying Lessons FB group about my submission process. I can't believe they published me! It's one of my favorite magazines! Thanks again for letting me know!