Saturday, May 10, 2014

I love making art (and I want to give you a coupon)

I love making art. I really do. I can spend the entire day in the studio and not get bored or have a desire to do anything else. This is mostly a good thing except when I forget to take breaks to eat or shower!!

After our friends left this morning I spent the rest of the day in the studio. I worked on Mother's Day gifts for my mom and my three sisters-in-law. Here is a sneak peak at the early stages of them:
Then I had a desire to just play around. I've been project focused the last couple of days so it was good to just grab materials and paint and spray and scribble. I bought a pack of lovely scrapbook papers but, for the most part, I use only my own painted papers in my work. So I decided to alter the papers with paints, inks, and oil pastels. Some parts of the original paper come through but they are pretty transformed. I moved quickly and easily and it was very freeing.

During all of my studio time today I felt very much in the flow and that is a lovely place to be. I'm grateful for days like this.

We drove into Syracuse this evening, to get ready for a Mother's Day brunch in the morning. It'll be nice to celebrate my mom and my sisters, and all the moms out there. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Also, I'm having a sale over on my Etsy shop to celebrate my self created month long art retreat out at my Camp. Head over to the shop and enter the coupon code CAMP15 to get 15% off your purchase (coupon valid for the next two weeks)!



  1. amazing.. it's nearly the same to me... can spend the whole day with crafting and painting and stamping.....never bored by my hobby.

    1. thanks for commenting! isn't it amazing how time flies when you are doing what you love? hope you have a creative day! xo