Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We made it to Camp, as my family calls our Cabin at the lake. My mom, Tyler, and I drove up yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely day- sunny but still pretty chilly. This seems to be the latest and chilliest Spring in a while. After my mom drove back to Syracuse Tyler and I took an evening walk around the lake.
I've kept up with my morning journaling and reading Simple Abundance. It's a ritual that I really like to do each morning, write and read while I have my coffee. I headed outside when I was finished and took a few photos. I decided I want to take a picture from the same spot each morning while we are out here, to document the spring unfolding. Hopefully, I can make a book to put all of the photos in eventually. I've had this book, Making Handmade Books, for a while and I've yet to challenge myself to make something from it, this is a good opportunity! Here are a couple of this morning's photos:

There is no heat here at Camp so we've got space heaters plugged in and are trying to stay warm! After the plumber stopped in this morning to fix a leak that was dripping into the basement room I set up my studio in there. The room is full of windows and looks out right onto the lake, very peaceful. It felt really good to make some art! I finished a few collages that I had started in Brooklyn.

Tyler and I took an afternoon walk around the lake. It's funny for me to be out here during the spring. Camp has always been a summer place for my family, so I am experiencing a different season here than I am used to.

 It's really great to be out here and I'm so grateful that we can be. It is, however, and adjustment. I think I'm feeling a little uprooted which, of course, makes sense. You know the uneasy feeling you get when you are someplace new, with a new routine (or no routine)? It's an adjustment period which can sometimes feel exciting and sometimes feel yucky. I'm glad I've got art making to help me process all the changes!

Alright, I'm going to simultaneously tend to the fire I just made and make tacos for dinner! Wish me luck!


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