Thursday, May 8, 2014

A bit warmer

Today it reached 70 and Tyler and I enjoyed every minute of it. We were both working hard for most of the day- me on my art and Ty on his writing. But we made sure to take breaks to sit out in the sun and walk around the lake. I love working in the studio for a few hours each morning then taking a short break to sit on my favorite rock on the front lawn and listen to the quiet morning, such a change from our neighborhood in Brooklyn (which I loved but was super noisy).
I've been working a group of banners/wall hangings and I've almost finished all four of them. They are fun to make but very time consuming. I also had a cute little ladybug visitor in the studio today.

We've continued the trend of taking afternoon walks. Today we ventured a bit further around part of the lake connected to our lake. This is a really good thing for me, I'm not much into exercise so this could be a good entry into that world! I like taking pictures during these walks.

I finished my set of 5 "make art" collages. I'm still really enjoying the 2.5in x 3.5in size. Here is my latest one:
Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to writing here more regularly. Please pop in again!


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