Monday, March 31, 2014


My parents were here this past weekend for one final visit with Tyler and me before we move out of New York City. We had a good time despite the rain. We ate lots of good food, talked wedding talk, did lots of walking, more food, and saw a movie (The Grand Budapest Hotel, I liked it!). My parents also took a car load of our stuff back up to Syracuse with them. So we've started the moving process! It feels a bit strange, but good. This coming weekend we are doing the biggest part of our move. We rented a uhaul and we are going to bring as much as we can. We'll be in Brooklyn until the end of April so we'll be living minimally for the last several weeks!

I made some more mini collages this morning. I'm loving the 2.5in x 3.5in size! These all say "thank you" as I want to turn them into a thank you card set.

Tyler came home from the store this evening with beautiful pink tulips for me (and some wine!). He's really the sweetest guy. I love him and I love tulips.
Now we are enjoying a relaxing evening at home. I'm going to do some blog hopping and check in over at Creative Every Day.

Have a wonderful evening! xo


  1. Lovely cards! I really enjoy the colors and abstract shapes.

    1. thank you, michelle! i appreciate your kind words!