Monday, March 3, 2014

Overwhelmed but Ok

I'm not sure if this post will have a cohesive narrative or feel. I'm not sure because I feel overwhelmed lately- scattered, worried, excited, tired. There is so much going on.

Tyler and I are continuing to plan our wedding and it is going smoothly. There are a lot of decisions to make and we are making them, one by one, checking them off the list. My mom has been very helpful with figuring out the catering and we are getting close to making a decision about that.

I am continuing to work (and play) hard at my art, I'm making a lot and feel like I'm in a good flow. I'm sharing what I'm making- blogging, Instagram, Etsy, Creative Every Day, Paint Party Friday, Facebook. I've submitted my work to a couple of publications and I've sent in applications for art fairs and grants. I'm putting myself out there and it feels good, yet vulnerable!

We are also in the midst of getting ready for some other big changes, which I'm not quite ready to elaborate on just yet. They are good changes but big ones, so there are all sorts of emotions happening over here! Excitement, anxiety, fear, joy, desire, happiness, sadness- it's a roller coaster. For so long it felt like not much was changing in my life, or at least it was small and slow change. Now, there are many changes taking place and it's happening fast. I'm overwhelmed, but I'm ok.

I want to share what I worked on over the weekend. I'm glad I carved out some studio time as that forces me to be in the moment and also makes me happy. Here are some pictures of several different pieces, most of them showing stages of my process:

I'm going to give myself a break today. I'm going to relax and do what I feel like doing, and not worry about the To Do list. So, that means I'm most likely headed into the studio :)

Have a wonderful day xo


  1. First: your work is phenomenal and your bravery in putting yourself out there as an artist is so inspiring. I find it ironic that I am on a retreat day as well, too, at least until my son comes home from school. Totally following my heart and desire through the day. Right now, I felt like seeing what other creative people were up to, so I am meandering through the blog posts from creative every day and it feels so awesome. I see you are a paper lover, too, and I see in your side bar there is a paper loving blog hop... you can only imagine my glee and I would have missed it had I not been willing to take a day off from flying around willy nilly insisting on being everything to everyone! :-)

    So glad to see your art today - so grateful their are women artists like you, bold enough to speak your creative vision into a wider and wider audience.


    1. Wow, Julia, thank you. Your kind words touch me and make me feel like it's ok to be where I'm at and encourage me to keep making. Thanks!
      I hope your retreat day was creative and relaxing and that you were able to follow your heart's call. These kind of days are so lovely and special, sacred even.
      We must slow ourselves down sometimes, take the day as our own and no one else's and make our art! Have a wonderful evening xo


  2. I understand the way you are feeling. I get that way sometimes too. I think it is the mindset that develops in creative people. I came here from CED. I have been blogging about these difficult shifts you speak of as well here: I also found an herbal tea to be helpful--Linden or Tilia tea, which I blogged about on Friday. It is very balancing for when you are feeling off kilter. Flower Essences are also great! Good luck with your new, upcoming developments!

    1. Stephanie, thanks for writing. I just went and read your most recent blog post- very good perspective you have on transition! Thank you for directing me to it as it felt very timely to read- I've been caught up in the transition, feeling it (highs and lows), and forgetting that, as you say, "transition can seem beautiful and often it is in the end." I wish you trust and patience with your transitions. I will most certainly be looking for Linden/Tilia tea next time i'm grocery shopping. Thank you for the tip. I too am a fan of flower essences and use them frequently :)
      Have a lovely and relaxing evening and, again, thanks for writing.