Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

I entered the the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap hosted by the inspirational and creative site Do What You Love. Such a fun idea. I love to stitch and, until recently, have included stitches in almost all of my artwork. This swap gave me a chance to get back into it a bit! I realize that incorporating embroidery into my artwork allows me to meditate on the collage or painting that I just created. I often paint and collage swiftly, intuitively, colorfully- letting whatever is in my head or heart spill out. Adding embroidery, even just a little bit, then allows me to slow down, think about what I made, what I was thinking and feeling, and get into a rhythm that calms me.

I had a great time making this postcard for my swap partner and I hope to get into making more embroidered pieces again. Especially my pinwheel pieces! Thanks for a fun swap Do What You Love!

materials used: paints (acrylics and watercolors), papers, pencil, colored pencil, glitter, embroidery thread

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