Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some days

Some days are just kinda crappy for no particular reason. Like today. Nothing bad happened. I was just in a crabby mood. The weather was miserable (snow, ice, rain) so that didn't help. I just couldn't shake the bad mood. Until this evening, when I received a very kind and encouraging comment right here in this blog. It shifted my perspective and my mood lifted. Thanks, Amy!

During some down time at work I was able to get a few valentines made. I want to send handmade valentines in handmade envelopes to my family this year, I've got a few more to make. Here are the ones I made today:

This morning I was thinking about these two geometric collages I made this summer:

They were probably floating in my mind because my good friend Annie, who is a fabulous illustrator, writer, and performer, had a birthday party at a paint your own pottery place over the weekend. I attempted to paint the design of the top collage onto a sushi plate. I have a feeling it didn't work out so well. Still, I'm excited to see how it came out. I'll be sure to post a picture, even if it's embarrassingly bad.

I'm going to spend some time this evening organizing some things in my Etsy shop. There's a learning curve with Etsy, you really gotta work to figure out how to make your shop successful. I'm trying! And I'll end the evening by writing in my gratitude journal- that will really challenge me to examine my day to find 5 good things about it!!!

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