Monday, February 10, 2014

Keeping Busy

 Last night I finished up a collage and used my new stamps on it. It was so much  fun! It's titled "allow". What do you think?:

The way I decide what words to put on a piece is by going through a large envelope full of already cut out words and phrases from books. I pull all of the ones that speak to me at that moment then I look at what I've got and start arranging and rearranging until I've got a sentiment that feels like it fits with the piece. I will most likely use this same tactic but rather than glue the actual book cut outs onto the collage I can now stamp on the sentiment. Or, most likely, I will do a mix of both.

It was a busy and productive day. I started the morning out by going to a local print shop to get some prints of a few of my pieces. They look lovely and feel good but I'm wondering about quality. They are digital prints printed on 80lb gloss paper. Does anyone out there have experience with printing and know if this is a decent print to try to sell? Any Creative Every Day Artists have experience selling prints? I'd appreciate anyone's input. Here are a few shots of what the prints look like, although I took the pictures of them at the end of the day when the light wasn't the best, keep that in mind:

Something exciting that I've decided to do is participate in this year's Westcott Art Trail. This is a fundraiser for the Westcott Community Center in Syracuse, my hometown. The Art trail showcases the neighborhood and the artists that are a part of it. Participants get a map and can either walk or drive to each spot on the trail. My mom has said that I could use my parent's yard to set up shop. Thanks, Mom! It'll be a fun event that supports our community and it'll be good exposure for me-it'll help to get my name and art out into the world a bit more!

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