Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just Because

I showered and got dressed today (something that doesn't always happen on Sundays!) and put on my fanciest earrings. I never get fancy. Well, rarely. Weddings seem to be the only occasion in my life to get fancy for. But today I felt annoyed about having nicer things and never wearing them! For work I mostly wear things that can get covered in glue, paint, oil pastels, playdough- I'm a teaching artist and I work with toddlers. So today, just because, I put on my fancy earrings and a new shirt. I only left the house for a short time to do a few errands but it doesn't matter. I feel good. I feel pretty.

Tyler and I had a good morning. We've been getting up early, even on weekends to write and read. I journaled then read the days entry in Simple Abundance. Then I started reading through my newest issues of Artful Blogging and Where Women Create Business. I'm really trying to get some good info on blogging, the blogging world, and creative businesses and how they succeed. I'm also reading Kelly Rae Roberts' e-book Flying Lessons which is proving to have a lot of useful information on growing your creative business. It breaks things down into manageable chunks which, for me, makes it easier to take action.

When I left the house this afternoon, wearing my fancy earrings, I headed over to Paper Source. I've been wanting to get a heat gun so I can stop using my hairdryer for drying paint and glue. (Everytime I dry my hair, which is rarely, I have to go into the studio where the dryer is plugged in so I can use it). I also got some alphabet stamps, ink pads, and embossing powder. Since I've been adding so much text to my work lately I thought it might be fun to stamp words as well as use words cut from books. Experimenting. Hopefully tomorrow I can share some pictures of my stamping/embossing experiments.

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