Sunday, February 16, 2014

GOOD Morning

It is a good morning and going to be a good day. Not because I'm expecting anything in particular to happen. I'm just going to make it so by being positive and organized, working hard and creatively, and by remembering this morning's reading from Simple Abundance which talks about working through fears and uncertainties by using the powers of light and love. I know that many people suffer from the Sunday blues, myself included. Sometime during Sunday afternoon I start to feel my anxieties move in closer and make it known that they intend to stay for the rest of the day and night. It's such a yucky feeling. If they show up today I'm going to notice them, accept them, and then think about all of the light and love in my life so they don't overtake me. That is my plan.

Yesterday I got a bunch of small substrates from Blick. I got Ampersand aquabords, claybords, and encausticbord ATCs. Nothing is bigger than 5in x 5in. I have so many ideas for these small boards and I'm very excited about them! I started using the ATCs (2.5in x 3.5in) last night and had so much fun. I'm turning this first round of experiments into magnets. Here are a few photos:

The last two photos show the magnets in use, holding up Tyler's mom's watercolor Christmas card and my niece Genevieve's watercolor painting, respectively. I'm going to make some more magnets today, which is just one of many creative activities I have on today's to do list. Better get going!


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