Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's January. I want this to be a year of decisions and action. No more waiting around. Because waiting around doesn't bring you what you want. I've never been much of a go-getter but I'm going to try to push myself into action. Thoughtful and impassioned action. Yes. We are going to make moves, Tyler and I. Moves together and moves of our own. It's a big big year. I know a lot of people feel inspired when a new year comes around, and I do too. I also know that the intial inspired feeling often fades before the winter is even over. I hope this year is different.

We are starting to take action with planning our wedding! We've decided upon a date (October 3rd, 2014) and a venue (a barn in Central New York). We've asked a good family friend to marry us. My mom has asked me if I want my Grandma's wedding ring (which is so special!). And I'm pretty sure I've decided upon a dress! It's starting to come together. Here is a picture of the barn, when we went to visit it the day after Christmas, during a beautiful snowfall:

I want my art to be a big part of this year too. Making art means a lot to me. I have to do it and I love to do it. I'd do it all day everyday if I could. I want to do more with it this year. Put it out into the world a bit more. Take some chances. Here are two small collages I made during the last few days of 2013:

"I'm all right" I threw together quickly, with what I had in my travel art bag. Lots of small paper scraps, tape, wrapping paper from Christmas, and some copper wire. The second one, which is untitled, is the first in the line of experiments with wood, collage, paint and my new wood burning tool. Lots more art to come.