Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Inside a process

Sometimes it's the smallest and simplest of inspirations that result in the creation of the prettiest art! This morning I was inspired when I was doing the dishes at work. I work as a teaching artist with young children and after our (very messy) classes I often clean the paint trays. Sometimes the paint that is left in the tray or the paint that falls into the sink looks so lovely. This morning's sink paint was too beautiful to wash down the drain so I grabbed some papers and pressed them on top of the paint. The resulting painted papers were so beautiful! I've done this many times before and have a lovely collection of leftover paint papers. I've also done this and not liked how the papers looked. You don't have control of how the papers turn out, you just have to trust the process and experiment. I checked on the papers later in the afternoon and found them to be just as beautiful once dried. I then had the idea to turn them into envelopes with sewn edges. So that's what I did. Here is how they turned out:

I think I will use them when I mail out valentines next month!


  1. your envelopes are beautiful! I love sending out decorated envies whether they're stamped and/or gelli plate printed.

    1. Thanks! Decorated envelopes are the best! Not only are they fun for the recipient but I imagine they are fun for the postal carrier too!