Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inside a process

During this past fall I started making a series of wall hangings. I got hooked on making them. I continued making them throughout the fall and into the winter. I made a Thanksgiving banner for one of my sisters in law (Kate) and for Christmas I made another one for another sister in law (Kaori). I've gotten addicted to making them! Here are some photos and info about my process:

The backgrounds of each panel were made as a whole, on a 9in x 12in piece of cardboard. I used different papers (sewing pattern paper, book pages, my own painted papers, different lined papers), pencil,  colored pencil, and gesso to build up the layers. After I was satisfied with the background I used my oil pastels to add and blend color to the foreground. It's fun to get in there with your fingers and blend, mix, and smudge the colors to your liking. After that I sealed the collage with mod podge mixed with glitter. Next I cut the collage into 4 6in x 4.5 in pieces. I then layered a couple of papers together and added a hand painted leaf (or tree) to the top. I embroidered the leaf (and beaded the tree) onto the other papers. I then adhered the embroidered leaf/tree collage onto the mod podged background. Next I used my awl to make holes in each panel so I could connect them to each other with metallic hemp thread. The pictures that show all four panels aren't the best snapshots but you get the idea. I had so much fun making these. I have a feeling that I will be making more of these, tweaking and perfecting my technique as I go!

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