Saturday, January 11, 2014

Allow. Happening. Ease. Trust.

I have so much creative energy lately which is wonderful, but I feel like it is pulling me in so many directions. I want to blog, I want to paint, I want to work on submitting art to publications, I want to look into shows/residencies/retreats, I want to collage, I want to read, I want to make connections with other artists. So far I feel like I'm effectively using my free time but there just isn't enough of it! If only there was more time in the day. Late last night (by late I mean 9pm) I had an urge to go into the studio. Tyler was painting big in the living room and I was painting small in the studio. I'm glad I went in there. Here is a picture of last night's process and a picture of the resulting work in progress:

Words that kept coming up for me while I was making last night- allow, happening, ease, trust. I like how the words "special instructions" show through on the piece. These are my special instructions to myself: there are big changes happening and I will to allow them to happen with trust and ease.

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