Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This morning I dug out an old issue of Somerset Studio magazine, the May/June 2011 issue.  The featured artist in this issue is Sabrina Ward Harrison. I remember reading the article, written by Christine Mason Miller, and there was one quote of Sabrina's that has stuck with me, it resurfaced in my brain this morning but I couldn't remember all of it until I found the magazine in my studio. She says, "It's about following the light, about following the stories in my life with quiet curiosity. I can't force certain moments to happen, but I feel the most fully engaged with my life when I let a little wildness into my day-to-day experiences, which can happen anywhere, at any time. The way I do that is by looking for artistic solutions to questions of how to live in the world."

These words hit me right in the heart. Especially the part about looking for artistic ways to be in the world to feel fully engaged with your life. Yes. Making art and sharing art allows me to be more fully engaged in my own life. I love that, and I'm grateful for it.

Last night I finished another collage. It's called "home", it's 12in x 9in on a wood board. Some pictures:

 I'm excited about these new collages I'm making. Playing with paper towels and paint is fun! I'm going to check in over at Creative Every Day before I head into the studio for some more paper towel play.